About Tara

I love my two girls more than I could ever imagine. I am a movie junkie and used to quote The Breakfast Club on a daily basis. I am addicted to MAC makeup and have enough to open my own store. I am a complete sap for animals and used to have so many, I should have been on Wild Kingdom. Starbucks in my most favorite coffee but probably just because I'm from Seattle. Anything ipad, ipod, iphone, imac, iLOVE!! I met (and later married) my high school sweetheart at AMC Theaters in 1990 and we moved to the Los Angeles area right after getting hitched!


About the Tara Rochelle studio... Tara Rochelle Photography began in the late 90's in my hometown of Seattle, Washington. After graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle with a major in both fashion and portrait photography, I moved to sunny Los Angeles and began learning from some of the best portrait and wedding photography studios that helped develop who I am as an artist today.


I love working with people and throughout the years, I have photographed just about everything having to do with them. Weddings, maternity, families, you name it. In recent years, I have shifted gears a bit and have am currently specializing in teen portraits and high school senior photography. Seniors and Teens are a perfect blend of my love for fashion and portrait photography! I do reserve a small amount of sessions for other types of photography as well.


In the spring of 2015 I opened up my first studio!! I am so excited about it and would love for you to come by and check it out!! We have a beautiful front room featuring some of my favorite images, a private makeup room with a style closet (lots of fun jewelry, dresses, and accessories), and over 700 square feet of dedicated shooting space!! It's in the heart of the Santa Clarita Valley in Valencia, California!

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